International spiritual counselor, teacher and author Johanna Carroll offers Get Psyched! a custom coaching and training program where you work one-on-one from your home at your own pace. Johanna will inspire you through her fun easy method of Get Psyched! to learn how to work from the inside out. You will learn how to:

• Develop and trust your intuitive abilities unlocking your spiritual potential
• Trust your inner voice to guide you in life choices
• Put your spiritual glasses on in viewing life from a higher perspective
• Create a dynamic spiritual strategic plan for life changes
• Begin to live a fulfilling life every day from a centered place of awareness, joy and peace
• Activate the new trinity of spirituality, reality and practicality

A number of years ago I decided that it was time to share all the metaphysical teachings I had learned over the last 30 years. Although I had a natural spiritual gift I made sure I did my own coaching and training with highly educated and responsible people who taught me what a true professional spiritual teacher should be. I still continue to educate myself and teach metaphysical classes that continually expand my awareness to even higher levels.

My personalized coaching and training program, Get Psyched! is created to assist people on many levels. Many of my clients have used this as a tool to enhance and enrich their personal and professional lives. Some have actually become professional coaches and trainers themselves and are earning a living after taking this program. In my desire to ‘pay it forward’ I designed a personalized spiritual coaching and training program and called it Get Psyched! because I wanted people to get excited and ‘psyched up’ about tapping into their spiritual potential. I also called it that because you are tapping into the psyche of the soul in going deeper into the sacred art of developing your intuition.

Many people have gone through this spiritual training program and all have used it for a different reason. Some have wanted to become a professional coach or counselor and considered this training a great addition in creating a major change. As a former business management professional, I understand what it takes to create a good business that gives great fulfillment in life beyond the paycheck. You can use these tools to improve your personal and professional life OR use this to increase your own level of intuition for your everyday life. You will be amazed at the results.

To understand the voice of the Universe that speaks through your soul is a great event. To hear and see this is to have a deep connection to the guides and teachers who work through you which allows you to create a life of excellence at all levels. Your life will change for the better, fulfillment is your best friend and you see that joy is the constant state of the soul. To know this is one thing; to live it is another.

The fees are payable in one sum prior to commencement of training. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and personal checks. Please contact me if you have any further questions. I encourage you to consider Get Psyched! coaching and training. The time is now to start a new path of learning that will guide you to an exceptional life.

Here is what one of her clients say about GET PSYCHED!

“Johanna Carroll guided me to plug in deeper to myself and the Universe then I could have ever imagined. Deepening my intuitive ability with this coaching and training program impacted every facet of my life: work, relationships and my creativity. It has given me an awareness of my sacred self. As a result of working with Johanna in this personalized training, my life is inspiring and fulfilling. I wish that everyone could experience that.” Alison W., Philadelphia

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