Grounding with Gaia

I have always felt a kinship to Mother Earth often referred to as Gaia in the Goddess tradition.  Multiple names for our Earth Mother appear in various images and have woven their mysteries through the historical teachings of many cultures.  I have facilitated spiritual retreats in Sedona, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, France and Malta.  Each country has their own mystical history and teachings of this grand goddess energy. I have sat in the majestic ancient goddess temples of Malta, prayed on the black earth of Mt. Etna in Italy, walked in the children’s jungle in Costa Rica and followed the sacred path of Mary Magdalene throughout France. Every single ceremony awakened the goddess within me to embrace the healer and helper of the Divine with a sense of the goodness and love that is available to all of us.

Traditionally the mother goddess image is the birthing vessel of all life, the nurturer, healer and the cosmic force from which all life emerges.  She is a powerful force of love which is so desperately needed to help and heal this blue marble planet floating in space called Earth that we currently inhabit. 

Gaia has a very loud voice and a soft whisper at the same time.  Right now, she is roaring to be heard over the chaos of life.  We often see her in nature and the seasons as a cycle of regeneration.  Birth and death.  Giving life and taking it away.  In recent years we have seen her raise her head from the surface of the earth to remind us to behave.  Storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes, wind and sandstorms, tsunami, volcanic eruption.  Have we paid attention to our Earth Momma yet?  Someone said recently, ‘well this is biblical in nature right now.  All we need is locusts!’  Then guess what locusts showed up in Africa.  Wow, are we sitting up straight yet and listening to our Earth Mother?

Where are the storms or conflicts in your life that need the loving embrace of our Divine Mother?  How do you awaken this energy of Gaia in your daily life?  What respect and honor are you giving not only to your relationship with the Earth as a playground of the Divine yet to your own footsteps walking on sacred ground?

I try each day to go barefoot in my yard and ground my energy with Gaia.  This is how I connect.  In many rituals to honor the Earth offerings are made.  I offer myself.  It is rather a simple thing to do however it must be done with intention.  Why would I stand still for at least ten minutes with my arms stretched out palms down to ground and connect with Gaia?  Its rather simple really.  I want to feel her love.  I want that love to flow out of me to everyone I speak to every single day.  I desire that life force which flows from the heart of Mother Earth and Divine Mother to tell me to remember what a gift life is.  To be kind.  Not to judge.  To love everyone the same.  To be compassionate.  To be understanding.  To connect with the love of the entire Universe.

We all seem to have some extra time these days.  Actually, the concept of time is changing for all of us.  Ten minutes that is all I ask. Take off your shoes, plant your feet, call in the energy of Earth Mother Gaia and ground your feet into her arms.  Be still, connect, breathe in the energy of our Earth Momma and allow love to heal and help you each minute of every single day.