Love as a form of Art

How would love be a form of art?

We know we can go to a museum or even go online to look at the masterpieces of the world.  Actually, going to a museum is an entirely different experience because you are standing before the real deal. If you are wise and open as I know you all are, you connect to it. The art activates a response on a sensory level.

You may see or feel hidden meanings and messages. It speaks to you.

The experience becomes more personal and profound. Your heart is touched, a trigger of light goes ping on your soul.

You take a deeper breath.

You see light coming from the canvas touching your heart. This is definitely a bigger experience and so different than looking at an image on the computer or in a magazine. It personally touches and inspires you to remember the heart and soul of the artist.

You would have missed a great opportunity to feel something beautiful if you had rushed through the art gallery and not paid attention You could have lost a moment in time that may have changed your life. Many human beings fear change. Fear layers the picture of our life with uncertainty and fear. It clouds your vision.

Wouldn’t you rather see your life as a masterpiece of divinity rather than a fake version created by fear? Where is the original painted by the hands of your soul? In the discovery of your state of being whole you begin to see your life with faith and become fearless. Like a great artisan who is waiting to be discovered, you acknowledge that you are already a master. You call the power of all that love is in every breath, activating each moment merely by stating ‘the time is now’. No more wanting no more wishing no more waiting for contentment and bliss.

You stand before a painting of yourself in the art gallery of the Universe. This time you feel the emanation of love streaming from every single cell and particle of DNA within. You become the
miraculous artistic expression of all the love that ever was.

You have discovered what you thought was lost; yourself.

You are illuminated.