People often ask me what happens in a reading or Private Session. A Private Session is a psychic reading where a lot goes on! It includes spiritual counseling, information from your guides and teachers, and metaphysical teachings. I receive detailed channeled messages on all aspects of your life to give you both spiritual and practical information for your daily decision making.

Here is the process I use on your behalf:
• I meditate for 20 minutes prior to your session and call in your guides and teachers
• I receive information which I write down
• I report this information when you call in
• I am able to dip into your past, present moment and future self to come
• We receive as much detail as possible on specific areas of your life that you are concerned about and need guidance.
• My goal is by the end of the session you have answers and a spiritual strategic plan

Session Payment can be made here:

Private Sessions

You can contact me directly by phone (760) 891-0227 or email:

Our cancellation policy is a minimum of 24 hours in advance or the entire reserved session fee will be charged. We appreciate your understanding.