I began my journey into radio over ten years ago with Dialogue with Divinity.  It was a natural progression from a cable tv show I did entitled Women of the New Age. Dialogue with Divinity is also the title of a book I wrote of prophecy much of which is now becoming true. This show has evolved into a platform for sharing spiritual teachings and wisdom that I have accessed for over 37 years. The Universe has a loud voice and I am eternally grateful to be a mouthpiece for the divine.

I am blessed to say I have evolved from talk show host to Spiritual Momma and educator on current events.  The world has become such an unknown place that many people are reaching out to the Universe for divine guidance.  Pretty much that makes sense right?  I am a big believer in going to God for my answers.  Lots of Divine Feminine goddess energy in there as well.

I am so pleased to be able to provide you immediate access via podcasts to all of these shows I have recorded over the last ten years.  To make this easier for you, here are the top ten shows that I feel you can really enjoy right now.

  1. The Reinvention of Self
  2. Aquarian Age Relationships / Regaining the Lost Art of Loving
  3. Living with Intention
  4. Why Are We Here? Spiritual Activism in a Chaotic World
  5. How to Live Fearlessly!
  6. A World in Crisis / How to Navigate Through It
  7. From Housewife to Healer / Johanna’s Inspiring Journey
  8. Resurrecting Yourself Through the Divine Feminine / Messages from Mary Magdalene
  9. Spiritual Tools for Transformation
  10. How to Navigate Your Life Spiritually

Welcome to the world of messages from spirit via Dialogue with Divinity podcasts.