Sharing Love With Another

When love as a state of being is shared, the noun ‘love’ now becomes the verb. It has movement that we share. The state of being love is our own awareness that we are so much more than the body held together by scotch tape. We have aligned our self and soul into one larger entity. We have to acknowledge this is generated first by filling up our own cup, our heart, the pillow for your soul. This is the divine spark that activates the movement so love as an action can be received by something or someone outside of us.

It is a flow that delivers the state of being whole into a river of light that activates the feeling of love. We intuitively feel a shift within and without because we have connected to something far greater and wiser than our limited human self. We ignite the divine partnership of self and soul working as one committed entity to living a life with far greater joy than felt before. The feeling of being alone no longer exists because you have all of heaven walking beside you.

The challenge of the sharing of love is questioning whether it is genuine and are we directing it to the ‘right’ person, place, idea, or situation. That is the biggie. Is this real love? How do you know? The state of love creates a connection from your heart reaching out to deliver and receive love in return. I asked the Universe to give me another pearl of wisdom I could use for myself and share with you.

Here is what I heard loud and clear…

“We will remind you of what your soul already knows. Loving is a selfless act.”

The biggest quest of all time to return to the lost art of loving fully requires this of you; know this is sacred.