Spiritual Authenticity

People often get disappointed with others on the road of life by saying ‘they are just not authentic.’ I feel what they are really saying is ‘I need them to be real and genuine.  I am tired of fake people.’ 

Let’s take a look at what being authentic and genuine from a spiritual perspective means.  First of all I feel deeply that people do try to be the best they can.  No one wants to suffer unless they are committed to being a victim all their life.  This type of behavior is really hard for someone to handle on a continual basis.  If you have ever been around a person who is always complaining and never sees the good in life it can be draining on your own personal soul.  It virtually dampens your spirit because it pulls you down into your own lower field of energy.  No one really wants that.  

We have to allow people their suffering but we do not need to suffer with them.  It may be a karmic journey of their soul carried over from lifetime to lifetime.  It is not our place to judge or be their parent or therapist; unless that is your professional career and someone comes to you seeking advice.  It is however a blessing if we come from awareness and understanding.  Judgement comes from fear.  Awareness compassion and understanding are birthed in love.  

A spiritual person knows who they are and who they are not.  Cognitively they are fully aware of what works for them and conversely what drags them down.  They know their boundaries and respects them.  What we need to remember however is that our personal boundaries may not be the boundaries of someone else.  

How you speak your truth without blame is the first step to being spiritually authentic.  As I always say, ‘let’s put on our spiritual glasses’ and see this from a higher perspective.  This is being spiritually aware.  Another favorite saying of mine is ‘it’s all in the delivery system’.  How you speak your truth authentically is speaking from your heart not your head.  Deliver your message from your point of view that works for you, not what you feel is right for the other person.  

A person who is spiritually authentic has compassion for the journey of all beings.  They walk their talk as best they can.  It doesn’t mean they won’t’ mess up sometime.  Forgive people for being human and honor their soul’s journey.  Understand what your spiritual value system is and honor your boundaries.  If someone crosses that line with you all you need to say is, ‘that doesn’t work for me’.  If someone asks for an opinion, give it.  Honor the Law of Non-Interference which basically is never give information to anyone unless they ask you for it.  It actually is a good rule for life.

We all have a divine plan and are editing it daily by our thoughts and actions.  Take a moment and define for yourself where you are authentic and honest with yourself.  What triggers disappointment for you personally?  Does it belong to you, the other person or the Universe?  You are here to live your own life experience not someone else’s.  If issues belong to you then attend to them. Do your own inner work for a better result in the outer world. Your life is your journey.  If issues belong to someone else or the Universe, allow them to unfold organically.  Try not to interfere with someone else’s divine plan.  Often we feel because we have done our spiritual work we have all the answers.  You may have the answers for yourself yet that doesn’t mean it applies to anyone else.  Be private with your sacred work and be in service to your own soul.  This is spiritual authenticity. 

It is a wonderful journey of soul evolution to grow as person and live from divine wisdom.  It is your job to be honorable and authentic in your journey of life.  Hopefully by your example, others will shift and change to a more gentle journey and happier place.