The Inner Quest for Love

The quest of a true open heart is simple: we just want to be happy. We look to find happiness always yearning for something more, something better. Don’t let the world of advertising define your happiness.

I have profound respect for those who have done the inner work, taken time to ponder once again, how to love, who to love and what to do differently to find genuine peace and happiness. ‘I just give up’ is a common statement. It appears it is such a quandary for all of us.

I believe that for everyone, we want to know love in a way that is almost foreign to us. It is like a journey to a new land, a time we remember and cannot quite forget yet it is out of our reach. Illusive. We may even take this journey alone, without anyone by our side, and are perfectly fine. Yet we seek the ultimate sense of love dwelling within as part of our daily life. There is a desire to feel whole and complete. We want this. We want that loving feeling like the song says. Our soul calls to the memory of being wrapped in warmth, peace, joy and bliss. We remember the wholeness of love as part of our divine inheritance.

Love is a state of being. It is a noun, not a verb.

It has absolutely nothing to do with someone else. It is a field of vibration, a house in heaven, a dimension in the Universe. It does not matter what label works for you, pick one that feels right. It is not beyond you; it is all around you and inside of you. It is the divine essence from which your soul decides to return to the body and experience life once again.

This physical body you exist in has an inner sacred temple. Within this temple are jewels and pearls of wisdom that adorn your heart. Similarly, a deep precious love is there just waiting to be experienced. What you see in the mirror is a reflection of the outer person. What you feel within is the soul call to deeper love.

For thirty-seven years my psychic eyes have seen a field of circulating light that surrounds the human body. It is filled with color, sound, movement, taste, and has a feeling as it moves and swirls all around the physical body. In sacred teachings it is referred to as the astral body or Over-Soul. It plays a huge role in returning you to remembering the lost art of loving. It is a magnetic field of memory.

It is alive with divine intention to return you home to the state of divine wholeness.

Love is. It merely is. It is the most powerful force that allows us to feel the presence of eternal intelligence that lives in every crazy cell of our being. It holds us together.

Love pours the soul into the body. Consider it …

  • the glue of the Universe.
  • the scotch tape of heaven.
  • the Velcro of the cosmos we know is there but do not see.

Love is the bonding agent that gives us life, continues with us in all realms and never abandons us.

We abandon Love.