The Reinvention of Self

How do we actually reinvent ourselves?  The first step is the desire to do so.  Desire comes from the soul, wants from the mind, needs from the physical body and world we live in.  The desire to reinvent yourself is like a spiritual re-do.  The odd thing is after we acknowledge that the only way the world will be better is if we change we just rang the doorbell of the Universe and said, ‘ok I’m here I’m ready.’ Then we wait to be welcomed into that vast Universe of wisdom that gives us a map.  Then we wait some more.  Sometimes we wait so long for the Universe to give us instructions that we forget it and put our suitcase of consciousness back in the closet.  Maybe tomorrow I will change.  Maybe. 

Then that little voice of the soul says, ‘hey wait a minute did you forget about me?’ We agreed we would go on a journey. What happened?  You might say well life showed up I do not have time it is a big job I am not ready blah blah blah.  The soul says, ok I will wait.  I have timelessness on my side.  This lifetime or next I will be here, waiting. My question to you is why wait at all? 

We do have time if we want our life to embrace us rather than reject us.  You have the desire correct?  What is your mind actually asking for?  A better job, more money, love, nicer people on the planet.  What the soul actually asks for however to give you those experiences are a shift in perception.  A spiritual person who is on the journey to reinvent themselves understands that it is a journey of discovery in knowing who you are and who you are not.  Know thyself in large letters written across the sky in countless teachings throughout the Universe.  

The desire of the soul is for you to have the best possible life experience guided by the Divine.  You cannot ring the doorbell of the Universe and say forget it.  Well actually you could yet that would be rather rude wouldn’t it?  Ask and ye shall receive, remember that?  Take a moment and write down four primary aspects of your life where you would like to reinvent or change yourself.  Yup that is it, you are changing you.  First in your desires, then your wants then your needs.  Not stuff… no on the stuff.  The stuff will come.  How do you want to FEEL?

The natural state of the soul is happiness, joy, contentment and fulfillment.  How would your reinvention of self activate that to rise to the surface?  There is your first step on your spiritual re-do map.  One step one desire at a time.  Put some music on, grab a pen, yes a real pen not on your computer, light a candle, ring a chime, turn off the electronics and connect.  Now write; my first step to change within myself is.  There you go, on your way to a new way and a new day! Blessed be.