The Relationship of Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is considered to be the umbrella over all religions.  It is the higher wisdom of the divine realms which truly protects all of us without being categorized or separated into a particular religion.  All religions have a mystical aspect that for ions has been ‘reserved’ for the patriarchy and never shared with the masses.  For example, in Judaism it is the Kabala reserved only for men after age 40 who are married.  Thankfully many kabala centers have changed their rules around that.  All roads lead to the Kingdom of Heaven meaning a religious path that takes us higher into the pure divine spiritual realms actually gives us the experience of living Heaven on earth today.


We have to look at what religion represents.  When the Tower of Babel fell, many of the original 12 twelve tribes of Israel were created.  They each went their own way and followed their own path. Therefore, if we use this concept as a thought to ponder, if man fell from grace and the true Oneness of God, is this why there was a need to create separation into different religions?  The umbrella or spirituality is the realm of the Heavens and Universe.  The religions are only a portion of that Oneness energy.  Why is that?  Because religion has rules, or a particular dogma assigned to that specific religion.  If I don’t follow the rules, I am not a religious person.  However then why are the highest sacred teachings of the mystical nature hidden from the congregation?  Is it control, power, money or something else?


I was raised Catholic and from a young age attended Catholic schools where we were taught that only Catholics would get into Heaven.  Can you imagine programming a child with that thought that they were better than anyone else and everyone else would go to Hell?  Even though the ten commandments say Love they neighbor as thyself? Additionally, I taught Sunday school and I sang in my church choir in Connecticut for 12 years.  The priest and I became very good friends.  I asked him about speaking directly to God and if God spoke to him.  And he told me yes.  Then I asked if the nuns had the same experience and he also told me yes.  My question was ‘why don’t you teach the congregation how to have that personal conversation with God.? Why is it reserved for just the priests and the nuns?’  He didn’t answer me however I realized years later he was telling me about morning and evening prayers (a requirement of the priesthood) which were very deep in nature.  He virtually was telling me about meditation and intuition. Jesus said, ‘Go within that is where you will find me’. In the Age of Ascension, we understand that true meaning was we can commune with God, Spirit and the Universe through deep introspection, prayer and meditation and living my life from the inside / out.


Religion is a belief system path and spirituality is the reality that God has not stopped speaking with us personally.  Our relationship with Him is private and personal.  There is comfort in the path and there is higher wisdom in the personal dialogue with divinity.  In spirituality using the ancient mystical teachings of all sacred work, i.e., the Bible, the Torah, the Kabala, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Buddhist Book of the Dead, the Koran, the Vedic teachings of the Bhagavad Gita,  and ancient Sanskrit (first known written language of man) the message is the same:  Love another and become Godlike.