Women Bullying Other Women

The world has turned itself upside down in 2020 and we are seeing behavior that for some was previously buried or hidden. In this paradigm of consciousness that is ever-evolving is there value in taking a look at the ‘dark’ as well as the ‘light’ so that we can understand and behave appropriately? Oneness is a dimensional space of energy that embraces everything. This includes what we are thinking, saying, doing, and feeling.  Therefore, the dark and the light or low and high energy co-exist. I feel it is valuable to recognize that bullying as a source of darkness has gone to even greater extremes.

If you feel like the beast of anger is out of the cage of rage being directed at you then perhaps it is time to understand how to heal your response.  We see this in social media as an all-time sporting event so much so that many people are staying off of social media to avoid the bullying. My intention in participating in social media is to lift people up by posting something inspirational.  However, the few times I have posted some kind of opinion I get totally blasted with negativity that is so off point it is upsetting.  Sound familiar?

We have encountered the ‘Karen’s’ in the world of bullying which is so disappointing to see in this age of the divine feminine.  We have to realize however that not all souls are evolved.  Physical bullying is fairly rare in women.  Verbal and emotional bullying are typically more common using the tongue as a sword that can sever your heart and soul. You are far more likely to recognize some of these bullying behaviors:

  • Badmouthing and spreading rumors
  • Excluding you from important meetings, events or social occasions
  • Trying to turn your colleagues, friends, boyfriend or even family against you
  • Constant nasty digs designed to wear you down
  • Sarcasm
  • Intimidation through shouting or silent treatment. Ignoring you online or in person
  • Unpleasant gestures such as eye rolling, interrupting you while speaking with others among other actions

It is also deeply unpleasant to witness bullying of others and can leave you feeling powerless, angry and guilty for not stepping in.  And remember, if someone is gossiping about others to you all the time, they are probably gossiping about you as well.

When someone starts to gossip, are you guilty of listening and not saying anything?  Do you believe everything you hear as truth?  You do realize there are two sides to every story right? Have you ever said, ‘I don’t listen to gossip’ and then walked away?  How about the next time saying ‘she is a good person?  Stop being so mean.’ Then walk away.

Until you walk in someone else’s shoes and really know what is going in their life, be kind.  Just be kind.