Your Spiritual Bank Account

One day my younger son David asked me, ‘Mom why are you such a good manifestor?’

My response was very simple; ‘because I know I can.’  We then proceeded to chat about the fact that whenever I needed anything even money I could manifest it fairly readily. This is what we discussed and what I wish to impart to you; not just the manifestation of money but living a full life with nothing missing.  Let me tell you how I fill my spiritual bank account so my physical bank account is also full.  

I told my son that every Sunday evening I would stand in the middle of my office and lift my right arm to the Universe as if it were reaching into the heavens.  I would then close my eyes and thank the Universe for everything I had, all I was currently receiving, and all I was about to receive.  Not once did I ever indicate to ‘the other side’ that there was anything missing.  I always acknowledged that I was in a constant state of flow of receiving.  After that, I would thank the Universe for the specific need I had as if I already had it.  Then I would lower my arm down after once again stating, ‘thank you for’ and was clear on what that was be it income, clients, greater health, or whatever I felt the need was at that time.  I always put my arm up three times and pulled it down three times.  I did this with a lot of energy every single time.

Why would I do this three times?  The number 3 in Tibetan numerology which I have practiced and still teach for over 37 years is the number of creations so when I raise my arm to ‘ask’ and pull it down to ‘receive’ I have activated a mystical math code to co-create with the divine. I imagine my arm is reaching through the roof of my house and into the treasure chest of the Universe where my spiritual inheritance exists. Do you know you actually have a spiritual bank account? 

While living in Sedona many years ago I needed a new car.  So, I put my arm up, did my process and thanked the Universe for the new car.  That night I had a dream vision of a red SUV driving right in front of me.  The next day I went to an open house of B&B’s in Sedona with some friends.  I told them about my desire and my vision.  We pulled into the parking lot of the first B&B and there sitting in the parking lot was an almost new red SUV with a for sale sign on it.  I called the owner of the car and she even helped me with the bank in transferring everything.  It was that easy. 

Spirit once again supplied. I was grateful that the response came so quickly.  Instant manifestation. Bravo Universe!

I believe we have two bank accounts:  a spiritual bank account and a physical bank account.  I also believe they are energetically connected.  Our spiritual bank is full when you are living your life serving a higher purpose.  It can be as simple as being kind to everyone you meet no matter how bad your day is going.  You radiate kindness. This fills you up emotionally with a profound sense of being happy hence your spiritual bank account that is linked to the connection to your soul is now radiating fullness.  

This creates an energetic wave in the quantum field that has a vibrational frequency to create more of the same.  The spiritual bank account is the emotional bank account connected to your heart which I call the pillow for the soul.  The soul seeks to serve something far greater than a paycheck.  The soul’s natural state is peace, happiness, contentment which are result of that spiritual bank account being full. 

When you are doing work and service that is fulfilling guess what?  You now have a harmonic link or connection to the physical world where the land of results show us evidence or manifestation. 

The higher the frequency the greater the results in the physical world that is filled with opportunity and manifestation.  The command and demand of the soul to reach into the heavens for fullness in the soul first has a direct result in your physical world including that bank account.  I encourage you to reach up, set your intention and watch what happens.