The Divine Embrace Study Group

The Divine Embrace Study Group is perfect if you wish to continue to develop your soul and self in an upward ascension field of study with likeminded souls. This spiritual community interactive study group is limited to 20 attendees to keep your experience private and personal. The group itself is a force of energy that directs the focus for each week.Click here to sign up.




Virtual Journey: The Soul of Sedona

Join world renowned Spiritual Counselor / Educator Johanna Carroll for the sacred teachings and audio virtual journey through the mystical town of Sedona. Check it out here …

Walk Away With Wisdom

I decided to create this program after counseling a distraught client who was sobbing her heart out about a relationship that was continually tearing her apart. I have heard this kind of story so often. I knew it was time to create a spiritual workbook that could help and heal as many broken hearts as possible.

It can be scary to take that first step in walking away from any type of painful relationship including a partner, job, family, career and friends. When you Walk Away With Wisdom there is no need to look backward, only forward.

I hope in my heart and soul you are ready to embrace a better vision and version of your life and walk away once and for all from suffering.

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I have an international spiritual counseling practice for 38+ years. One of the things I can tell you about myself is from the age of ten I wanted a conversation with God and He would answer my questions. That soul desire created so many weird and wonderful things it would take hours to list them. However, it was not until my divorce when I began a journey from traditional Connecticut to southern California and Sedona, Arizona that the connection had a goal, a purpose and a direction.

I worked in the world of large hospital systems during the day and at night and on the weekends doing psychic readings which evolved into private session work for spiritual counseling, doing international retreats, hosting a TV and radio show and writing four books. So how did this begin and why am I qualified to work with you?

My first ‘reading’ was really a big a push from the other side to do my real work. A woman I had met briefly called me one night and asked me to do a psychic reading for her. I told her ‘I don’t do that.’ She had been told by a man I was dating about my natural gift as a reader. I was guided to tell her that the man she was divorcing was a bigamist and she had to go her attorney who was fighting for her to keep her adopted son. I also was told to tell her to hire a detective and ‘find the other wife’. She did go to her attorney who subsequently called me, they hired the detective, they found the other wife and she kept her son. As a result of that, we were invited to be on a TV show in LA which changed everything.

I left my healthcare position and lived in Sedona for 12 years. During that time my practice grew to an international level. Here are some things that you might find interesting about me.

  • International spiritual counseling practice for 38+ years.
  • TV host of Women of the New Age. I also started the first spiritual networking group by the same name in San Diego in the 1990s.
  • Radio host for nine years Dialogue with Divinity.
  • YouTube channel for sharing teachings.
  • Featured guest in three TV specials in Canada, Japan and US.
  • Author of four books.
  • I am included in two books as an expert on the ‘other side.’
  • Facilitator of international retreats to sacred sites in Sedona, Costa Rica, France and the ancient goddess temples of Malta.
  • Developed online teaching programs.
  • Created Get Psyched! Intuitive Development Training Program (are you ready to be a healer in this evolving age?)
  • Guest professor at Yavapai College in Sedona, Arizona for two years.
  • OSHER instructor for Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Johanna is an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church and able to perform marriage ceremonies throughout San Diego County, California.

Here is the one thing that makes my life full. I was trained for many years by the top metaphysical teachers in San Diego. My natural gift was developed and refined to be of better service to you. My original teacher told me this the first day of my training. ‘Remember this, we teach from the School of Wisdom and Love.’ I never forgot that.